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Non Profit Education & Welfare Society

FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the major objective of the organization?

The major objectives are:
1. To increase the acceptance of modern education for Girls in Muslim Minority community.
2. To provide modern eductaion to both boys and girls of the community in a way that do not compromise on the values of the community.
3. To provide economic opportunity of home makers in the community through training and work at home linkage.
4. To minimise the school drop out rates of both boys and girls of the community by flexible learning module and examination linkages.
5. Link and facilitate higher education in the community.

How long the organization has been working in this field?

The organization has been working in this field for last 9 yrs and has been achieve a lot with very little resources from the community.

What are the issues faced by the organization in achieving its objective?

The organization is facing two major problem in achieving it's objectives :
1. Lack of sufficient finances as getting fund without paying favors has become next to impossible and doing that is out of scope of the organisational ethics.
2.Human resource is the other major problem as lack of funds makes it very difficult to hire full time professional social workers who can execute the fundraising and monitoring and evaluating in right manner.

Are there any professionals from the industry in your organization?

The organization do not have full time paid professional from Social work but it's advisory board consist 3 MSWs (M.A in Social work) from TISS (Tata Institute of Social Science) Mumbai, 2 MBAs and 1 Chartered Accountant who have always been giving their valuable professional support to the organization.

I would like to donate to the organization but how to do that in a safest way?

Thanks for your Interest to Donate for the cause. Soon we would be adding PayPal for donation but till then you may make a Cross check/DD in favour of "Jamia khadijatul Kubra Lil Banat" for further query contact us.

I would like to see the Project Proposal and last three years audited balance sheet of the organization before making donation, is it possible?

We always believe in transparency and thus will feel glad to share the required information with you. You may please drop a mail requesting desired information to

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